François Lavergne


Cannes 2014 Cannes 2014 PRODUCTIONTitliLOVE INDIAMASSY

Francois Lavergne’s love affairs with Wines began 22 years ago in ASIA after his first contracts in California and Chile.

As trained oenologist, he had been sent to Tokyo to open Le Cordon Bleu’s third international Cooking school. It was there that he felt in love with Sake and the Japanese culture with his wife from Hiroshima, and descendant of the Fujiwara family of Kyoto. It is in Japan that he became our Umami specialist having done the first Umami events in Tokyo with Tim Hanni (first American Master of Wine and the Umami authority). When he was in Japan, he also organized the first Wine boom events and French food weeks. Following the success of this, he travelled all of Asia from Singapore to Seoul with the same concept and became a real aficionada. Back in Europe, Francois moves now between Paris, Champagne and London where he works as international food and drink consultant, training Sommeliers, and developping his unique Champagne House for the all world.

LAVERGNE offers 4 cuvees which include the Brut Rose and Brut Light, and the Rose Classic and Rose Light. A lot of new Cuvees are on their way as the quite unique: « Signé François » and Monsieur de France.

True luxury is a Discovery


Monsieur de France

Drawing on a wealth of international experience Francois Lavergne and his partner Lisa Delcambre, have joined forces to create a premium Champagne brand for connoisseurs the world over. In their continuous journey to create luxury products, they have called upon talented Cellar Master Olivier Huot for this ”Monsieur de France” Cuvée. His subtle blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, creates a true taste of the ‘terroirs de Saint-Martin d’Ablois’, the hills to the south of Epernay, the cultural centre of Champagne. The result is a beautiful authentic Champagne, unique for its clarity, purity, and depth. The endless fruitiness and mineral notes enhances its grand elegance. Monsieur de France, Huot & Lavergne bubbly collaboration!


GRAND Cru SIGNED François  François Signé Grand CruCHAMP_WHITE300488_476773729014121_1120620634_n LAVERGNE VILLAGE FRANCE


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